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Standards of Practice, Risk Management and Closing the Loop Techniques in Real Estate Transactions

With 18,000 Oregon brokers there are different brokerage business models throughout the state and the need for baseline information on standards of practice, risk management and the utilization of techniques to close the loops in real estate transactions.

This one-hour webinar will address key components of what is considered “standards of practice” that is understood by most, but serves as a good refresher for all.

Standards of practice certainly includes proper risk management that keeps the transaction in check while maintaining professionalism for the brokerage, the broker and due diligence in representing all parties in the real estate deal.

A bonus feature of this webinar will be examples of actual “closing the loop” techniques on reports, removal of contingencies and other helpful steps in fast tracking the real estate transaction.

CE:  One (1) CE Credit

Registration ends on November 8th at Noon.


2 part registration:  Payment followed by GoToWebinar Registration

1)    Payment first:  $19 per computer per location

2)    Gotowebinar registration. E-mail will be sent to you with instructions for webinar registration. Webinar participant MUST register for the course after payment.

Sheets and CE Certificates

The broker/OREF subscriber must submit the webinar sign-in sheets by Monday, November 13, to mritter@orefonline.com to complete the CE certificate process.

10:30 am - 11:30 am

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