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Changes To Lone Wolf

On September 23, 2021, Lone Wolf (zipForms) implemented changes to the multi-user platform zipForm Broker Edition. These changes may affect the way companies currently using the zipForm Broker Edition manage users assigned to an OREF license.

See below for more details.

Click here to download the account setup worksheet for OREF:


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Changes to LW Webinar by nrichman1

Note: Webinar is intended for account administrators and managing brokers currently using the Lone Wolf zipForm Broker Edition. The session will not cover changes related to the NAR / Lone Wolf announcement.

1. What is changing

The OREF subscription is a digital license to use the copyrighted forms and documents in the Residential Transaction Library. Previously, Lone Wolf collected the payment for a group of OREF licenses in addition to the software cost at your annual software renewal. The OREF licenses were then assigned (or reassigned) to individual agents in your group.

As of September, Lone Wolf will no longer be collecting the OREF subscription payment as part of your annual software renewal. Lone Wolf will only collect their fee for the software program zipForm Broker Edition. The OREF subscription licenses will be purchased directly through Oregon Real Estate Forms.

OREF pricing is not changing. The cost per user per year is still $89.  However, each subscription (license) belongs to each individual user. Just as it is currently for the other platforms authorized to host the OREF library (including SkySlope and Form Simplicity), the zipForm Broker Edition will require the individual user to enter his/her unique OREF customer ID (the Oregon Real Estate License Number entered in the OREF account) to verify the status of the OREF subscription.

2.Why did this change happen?

The bulk OREF subscription was unique to Lone Wolf and created barriers to communication and prevented flexibility of choice for OREF customers. Because the “seats” were assignable and re-assignable, OREF did not have consistent record of the individuals assigned to the OREF license or “seat”.

  • The group “seats” were not consistent with the other software authorized to host the OREF library. Because the users did not exist as an OREF subscriber, other software options (such as SkySlope and Form Simplicity) could not verify the status of the OREF subscription.
  • In most cases, companies require payment or reimbursement for the OREF subscription cost by the individual agent or user. This led to the misunderstanding that the individual user owned the OREF subscription and could continue to access the OREF library if transferring.
  • Companies with multiple branches using different platforms had to have different payment structures for the OREF license.
  • Users were not identified as an OREF subscriber also prevented individuals from receiving important updates and form changes information.

3. What does this mean for companies using the Broker Edition?

You will still be able to keep your existing practices. You will still work with Lone Wolf to add/remove software access for additional or terminated users.  This change only applies to the OREF license subscription.

Once we receive your user list we will transfer all your users to individual OREF accounts with the same expiration date you currently have.  OREF will not charge an added payment or cost.

  • New agents or users without an existing OREF subscription: Individual will need to create an OREF account at and accept the terms of use.
  • New agents or users can be added on a pro-rated bases or for a full year depending on your payment option selected in the attached workbook.
  • New agents or users with an existing OREF subscription: Individuals who currently have an OREF subscription but are new to your company will only need to enter his/her customer ID (Oregon license number) when prompted in the zipForm Broker Edition.
  • Depending on the payment option selected, the user’s expiration date can be prorated or extended to align with your company’s expiration date.
  • Removing users: When a user is no longer with the company, you will still coordinate with Lone Wolf to remove his/her software access. The individual keeps ownership of the OREF license subscription.
  • Depending on the payment option selected, company admin will notify OREF to remove the user from the annual invoice or account group. There are no charges or refunds to the company when an OREF subscribers is removed from the account.

4. How will these changes affect billing?

The attached workbook allows you to choose how, and who will pay for the annual OREF license subscription.

  • Option (1) – Company Invoice

At renewal – OREF will confirm the list of users who should have a company paid OREF subscription and issue an invoice to the company

  • Option (2) – Company Direct Pay

Company may directly pay through the regular purchase/renew process at using a company credit card. Subscriptions will auto renew annually until/if company notifies OREF to no longer charge for that user at next renewal.

Option (3) – Individual User Direct Pay

Individuals will renew the OREF subscription through the regular purchase / renew process at