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NAR Benefit

A letter from OREF about the Lone Wolf/NAR Benefit.

NAR and Lone Wolf recently announced that the transaction software zipForms Plus will no longer be a free NAR member benefit in 2022.

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The news has sparked questions and concerns for subscribers of the Oregon Real Estate Forms library.  We want to reassure our subscribers that we are, and will continue to be, more accessible than ever.  Lone Wolf, including zipForm Plus edition and Broker Management edition, will continue as an authorized host of the OREF library.  However, beginning January 2022, Lone Wolf will start to charge its zipForm Plus users to use the software.

In addition to Lone Wolf, OREF has partnered with SkySlope, Form Simplicity, and (coming soon) DocuSign Transaction Rooms as authorized hosts for the OREF library.  Your subscription to the OREF library is a digital license to access and use the copyrighted documents and forms.  You may use your OREF subscription in any of the transaction software authorized to host the OREF library.

OREF continues to grow the availability and accessibility of our library.  In September 2021, OREF extended its partnership with SkySlope to offer the SkySlope Forms software as a free benefit for OREF subscribers.  The SkySlope Forms benefit ensures that OREF subscribers will continue to have a free option to access the OREF library.

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Click below to learn more and read all frequently asked questions regarding the NAR / Lone Wolf member benefit.

Notable Replies

  1. Avatar for dcoll dcoll says:
    • What will they be charging to use their software?
      The zipforms software is separate from OREF. We are a digital product that licenses to different software companies to be able to provide access to our product through their software. The NAR benefit ending means NAR is no longer paying for their members to use the zipform plus software program. We will still be licensed to zipforms, you will still have access to the OREF library through zipforms and all Lone Wolf products as well as the other software vendors that we’re licensed to. So skyslope and form simplicity and later this year DocuSign transaction rooms. What it means is that like the other software now, zipforms will be charging for the use of their individual zipforms plus software directly to their customers and not to NAR as a member benefit. I don’t know for certain what they will be charging next year to use their software. I do know that their standard retail price is around $149 per year, per person for the individual zipforms plus and that includes some features and not others. They have additional charges for other features. OREF has partnered with SkySlope Forms to provide their individual skyslope forms product for free to our customers. So if you have an OREF subscription to your digital media, you also get a complimentary account with skyslope forms with that so that you will have a software to use to access your forms for free in addition to your regular subscription cost with it.

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