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SkySlope X OREF Benefit

OREF Collaborating with SkySlope


SkySlope Forms for OREF Members

We are pleased to announce, OREF has partnered with SkySlope Forms, as a benefit to OREF subscribers. SkySlope Forms is completely FREE to all OREF subscribers.

Notable Replies

  1. Avatar for dcoll dcoll says:
    • To clarify, in January Skyslope will charge to use OREF forms with skyslope? They want to charge $250/month for single use?
      No, skyslope forms as Colleen mentioned, their individual use program is a benefit to have a subscription with Oregon Real Estate Forms. So if you have your OREF library purchased, you can use skyslope forms. However, Lone Wolf’s zipform plus will start to charge their users for the use of their software. So, if you are accessing your OREF library through zipforms plus, you will have to pay for the use of zipforms plus after January. Skyslope will still be a benefit to customers after January, but there is a full broker management edition of skyslope that is different. Keep in mind that SkySlope has several different products. The product that is free for OREF subscribers is SkySlope Forms. On the OREF website, you’ll be able to find information regarding how to set up your free skyslope forms account, linked to your OREF forms account.
  2. Avatar for dcoll dcoll says:
    • What about Oregon Data Share forms and skyslope, can we get them yet?
      So, we provide the real estate transaction documents. Every form provider, whether it’s an MLS or Data Share, or other type of local form association type of form, they licensed separately through each software provider. So the best way is to reach out to skyslope and ask them “can we get Oregon data share forms? Can I get this MLS on skyslope?” so that they can start to initiate that conversation and that licensing agreement with those form providers.

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