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OREF and OnlineEd Offer 4 Free CE

OREF and OnlineEd Offer 4 FREE CE

Available Now Through December 2017

http://www.onlineed.com Click on Real Estate, Oregon and scroll down to FREE CE.

Complete on-line curriculum and submit your CE certificate to OREA!
Course availability: May – December 2017!

OREF, LLC and OnlineEd have collaboratively prepared Oregon Realtor® members/ OREF subscribers this on-line curriculum!
• 2017 Residential Sale Agreement and Matrix-Clause by Clause
• Contingency Agreement Forms: # 083, # 083 A and # 083 B
• OREA disclosure pamphlet, Disclosed limited agency agreements, Exclusive buyer service agreement
• Well/On-Site Sewage System Addenda

Onlined CE Information

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OREF 2017 Forms Changes Seminars & Webinars Schedule

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Vacant Land Check List

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Looking Up License Numbers and Business License Numbers Through Oregon Real Estate Agency

Here is a step by step guide or youtube video explaining how to look up license and business numbers. http://www.oregon.gov/rea/docs/License_Lookup.pdf




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TRID-Speak: The “Consummation” Conundrum

Background. On October 3, 2015, the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau’s “Know Before You Owe” program, aka “TRID”,[1] was rolled out. It was predicated on a belief that the entire financial crisis of 2007/08 was due to the fact that residential borrowers were snookered into taking out high risk loans, and By Golly, the “Bureau”, as they call themselves, was gonna make things right.[2] The result has been 1,888 pages of regulations that presaged much industry handwringing – some of it justified.

[1] TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosure Guide to the Loan Estimate and Closing Disclosure Forms.

[2] I submit the vast majority of borrowers understood the banks were giving away easy money with risky repayment terms, but they also believed – as did the banks and their regulators, all the way up to Fed Chair Alan Greenspan – that real estate would never lose value. Thus, the risk was manageable, since if the gamble didn’t work out, borrowers could either refinance or re-sell.  It was an acceptable bet.

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OREF Is Passing On Savings To You!! The NAR Board of Directors recently approved a partnership with zipLogix. Read more..

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Sample 2016 Residential Sale Agreement (Form #001)

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Message from Jeff Wiren

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OnlineEd and OREF, LLC Partner for Residential Sale Agreement On-Line Course

Oregon Real Estate Forms, LLC and OnlineEd® are proud to partner and present Oregon real estate brokers with 3 hours of free continuing education for an online course about the OREF 2015 Residential Real Estate Sale Agreement.

Oregon brokers: enroll for this free course today!

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Principal Broker Quarterly

Press Releases

October 20, 2015

January 2016 Forms Changes CE

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August 25, 2015

OnlineEd and OREF, LLC Partner with Residential Sale Agreement and Matrix On-Line Curriculum

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April 22, 2015

Oregon Real Estate Forms Library Uploads New Form: Form # 032: Seller Carry Finance Advisory

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April 2, 2015

When is Acceptance Binding to the Parties in the Real Estate Transaction?

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Form Changes

Find information about this year or previous year’s form updates including stylistic and grammatical changes as well as substantive changes that bear on Realtor® practice, the reason for the changes, and their risk management impact.

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