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Form Updates

The OREF Residential Forms Committee and the OREF Board of Managers diligently work throughout the year to improve our library of forms.

Changes either come from laws newly implemented or updated, suggestions from the community on improvements we can make, or things we notice from practicing using them every day. Have a suggestion, send it to us via email

2023 Residential Library Updates

These changes should be live with all platforms on 1/3/2023. Be sure to sign up for one of our upcoming training sessions for an in-depth review of what you can expect to see in the new year!

OREF Launches New Commercial Library

Please note – the previous Commercial Sale Agreement has been updated and removed from the Residential Library. You will now find the updated version in the new Commercial Library.

How to Activate the New OREF Commercial Library


  • Log in
  • Click your name in the upper-right-hand corner
  • Click Associations
  • Search for Oregon Real Estate Forms – OREF Commercial Library
  • Click Add
  • Now, when you go to Add Forms, you can filter by just the Commercial Library

Lone Wolf/zipForms

  • Go to the zipForms Shop
  • At the top, go to the Forms menu
  • You will see OREFC Commercial Library listed for $0.00
  • Add the Library to your cart and check out
  • It will then appear in your zipForms account as a Library option

Please note: If you are part of a brokerage account, you may need to contact your brokerage admin to have it made available to you.


  • You shouldn’t need to do anything – the library should automatically appear as a library option

Commercial Forms Update

Past Form Changes

Every year, Oregon Real Estate Forms releases new forms for the Oregon real estate community. Traditionally, these classes take place in January and February.

You can view the past forms change webinars and form update summaries below.