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SkySlope Activation

Attention: Please wait 10 minutes after your purchase before attempting to activate.

After renewing a subscription, OREF forms will be re-activated to your SkySlope account automatically within 10 minutes of your purchase. Do not remove OREF from your libraries during this time.

Check the status of your OREF subscription on your account page.

SkySlope FORMS Free to OREF Subscribers!
  • Simple, fast-form preparation
  • Safe and secure data
  • Unlimited DigiSign digital signatures
  • Auto-populate across forms, saving you time
  • Alerts of form updates so you stay compliant and on schedule
  • Backed by SkySlope’s award-winning support
  • SkySlope resource guide
SkySlope Breeze Free to OREF Subscribers!
  • Transform disclosures into a guided digital questionnaire
  • Fully mobile for working on the go
  • Quick and easy to prepare and send
  • Easily review and request revisions along the way
  • Free Digital Signatures
  • Backed by SkySlope’s award-winning support
  • On-Demand training

1. Start by going to Skyslope:

2. Select “Create Account”, enter your personal details, then select Next

3. Select Oregon as your region, then select Next

4. Add Oregon Real Estate Forms as your association/library, then select Next (Please only select OREF at this time, selecting more associations will cause an error. You can add more associations/libraries after creating your account)

5. Enter your OR real estate license number, and verify your information

  1. Log into your Skyslope account:
  2. Select your name in the top right hand corner of the webpage.
  3. In the dropdown, select Libraries
  4. Search for Oregon Real Estate Forms, then select Add
  5. Enter your OR real estate license number to verify your subscription.