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About OREF

Oregon Real Estate Forms, LLC was formed in 1997 by the Oregon Association of Realtors®, the Eugene Association of Realtors® and the Portland Metropolitan Association of Realtors®. The company is professionally managed by a staff of three in concert with a Board of Managers and a Forms Committee who are Realtors® appointed by each Association owner. OREF prepares and licenses high quality real estate transaction and advisory forms created by legal and industry professionals.

The Forms Committee

The OREF Forms Committee is responsible for developing and revising OREF forms. The Forms Committee is comprised of legal counsel, a representative from the escrow industry, and nine broker representatives from around the state. The committee meets monthly from February through October to review any statutory and case law bases for creating or revising its forms, and to review forms change recommendations from its forms users. Throughout the year, the committee thoroughly reviews, discusses and votes upon any proposed forms changes that brokers submit. The Forms Committee then sends its recommendations regarding new or changed forms to the OREF Board of Managers for final review and approval.

Any new or amended forms receiving final approval are then subjected to careful proofreading and beta testing before being provided to OREF’s forms hosting vendors for the upcoming calendar year release. OREF encourages its customers to propose constructive amendments to OREF forms. OREF will promptly acknowledge receipt of any proposals you have and will update you on the decision of the Forms Committee following the next committee meeting. OREF appreciates your input.

If you have recommended forms changes to existing forms and/or recommendations for new form creation, please list Form #, page #, section and line # with your submission, and briefly address concerns and/or suggested amendments. OREF will acknowledge receipt of your communication following your submission, submit your communication to next scheduled Forms Committee meeting, and follow-up with you after the committee meeting to inform you of committee outcome.

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