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Tech Tips

The video above goes over several options for inserting or editing the name of the Trust or Entity in your file, you can also find more information on SkySlope:

Option 1: The first option is to click on the seller name in the form you wish to change. A box will pop up, allowing you to edit that seller’s information. At the top, there should be a checkbox to select if they are a trust or not.

Option 2: If that option isn’t working, you can enter the trust name by splitting it into a “first” and “last” name. For example: “Test Trust Name” could be divided into “Test” and “Trust Name,” and it will show correctly on the form.

Option 3: Alternatively, you can edit the seller information from the File Details. There, you will see the same checkbox to select if the seller is a company or trust. If the box is not checked, you can enter the trust as a “first” and “last” name, similar to the last example. It may require a suffix. If you get that error message, you can enter a few spaces, and it will let you save the name.

Option 4: Finally, if you have removed a contact altogether, you can click the blank text field, and it will take you to a dialog box to fill out the contact information. Scroll until you find the contact you’re looking for, or click “add another.” You can then enter the name using either of the methods described in options 1 or 2 above.