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DocuSign Activation

Attention: There is a 20-30 minute delay after making a purchase on our website, and changes being reflected on DocuSign Transaction Rooms.

To access OREF’s form libraries in DocuSign Rooms, you must add OREF as a form provider on your Integrations Page:

1. Log in to your Rooms account at:

2. In the upper right, select your profile picture or initials.

3. Select Preferences from the drop-down menu.

4. Select Integrations

5.  In the Docusign Forms Settings section, select ADD PROVIDER.

6. Select OREF.

7. Enter your OR real estate license number (your OREF subscription ID)

8.  Select VALIDATE.


(OREF will now display in your Providers list on your Integrations page. You can now access the OREF digital library when adding forms to a room.)

– No access to OREF on DocuSign:

  • Make sure that your sales representative or account manager has granted your account access to host OREF.
  • IF you have been granted access you will need to make sure you have an active OREF subscription, if not you will need to purchase the Residental transaction forms:

– Invalid license number:

  • You do not have an active OREF subscription and will need to purchase the  Residental Transaction forms package
  •  If you do have an active OREF subscription make sure your license number is entered correctly on your OREF account you can update this in your account details

– Different expiration date when activating:

  • If you receive this error: You may have another OREF account associated with your license number, this will cause an error in our system and not properly update your OREF expiration date. Please contact our customer support team to update and merge your OREF accounts.