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OREF & SkySlope

OREF Offers Subscribers Free Transaction Management Software Through SkySlope Forms



NAR announced in 2021 that they would not be continuing the Lone Wolf zipForm Plus member benefit for 2022.  To ensure OREF subscribers did not have the added platform cost, we partnered with SkySlope Forms to include free access to their platform as a part of your OREF subscription.

Starting September 15, 2021, individuals who use SkySlope Forms will have free access to the platform. Group or team platforms, including SkySlope Forms Prime or SkySlope Forms Homebase, may still have a cost associated with SkySlope, but will still have the full OREF library integration.

No.  If you already have an active OREF subscription, you do not need to purchase a new subscription to use SkySlope.  When you purchased or renewed your OREF subscription, you entered your Oregon real estate license number or Oregon State Bar number.  This number is your unique OREF ID and can be used in any third-party transaction platforms licensed to host the OREF library, even if you have already activated it on another platform.

You do not need to switch from any platform you are currently using.  Lone Wolf (zipForms) is still licensed as a third-party transaction management platform to host the OREF library.  As an OREF subscriber, you can access SkySlope Forms at no cost.  Your OREF ID (Oregon real estate license number or Oregon State Bar number) can activate your subscription in any other transaction platforms licensed to host the OREF library, including Lone Wolf (zipForm Plus), DocuSign, and Form Simplicity.

OREF licenses with third-party transaction platforms so subscribers to the OREF library can leverage the benefits and features that make the most sense for their business needs.  Compare pricing and features by visiting the platform websites:

  • SkySlope –
  • Lone Wolf/zipForms –
  • DocuSign –
  • Form Simplicity –

OREF believes that SkySlope Forms best aligns with our mission to elevate the Oregon real estate industry by providing the best transaction resources and documents.  SkySlope Forms prides itself in three significant aspects:

  • The ease of use and tools  

Our subscribers have reported the SkySlope Forms platform as a clean user experience and easy to set up.  With your Oregon real estate license number or Oregon State Bar number, OREF subscribers can readily access and use the digital library in conjunction with the tools and features offered by SkySlope Forms.

  • Award-winning customer service  

SkySlope’s award-winning customer service is available daily, including phone, chat, and email support options.  SkySlope strives to serve its customers by:

    • Answering phone calls within two rings,
    • responding to chats in 10 seconds, and
    • replying to emails in 20 minutes
  • Time-saving functionality  

The SkySlope Forms transaction management platform offers users time-saving functions, including templates that alert users when a new form version is available and the option to replace the template with the latest updates.  SkySlope’s internal Digisign tool makes it easier to send documents for signatures and reviews without adding software.