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Dear Forms Committee: I need help understanding when to use different versions of the OREF Sale Agreements. Can you provide some insight?

The OREF 000 Guide to Using OREF Residential Library Forms is a great resource for this question! Here is a quick summary of the Sale Agreements available and the types of transactions they would typically be used for. All addenda in the OREF Residential Library can be used for all versions of the Sale Agreements listed below.


As a reminder, always check with your Principal Broker if you are not sure which form to use, as a particular property could have nuances that impact form selection.


  • OREF 001 – Residential Sale Agreement: Used for the purchase and sale of standard residential properties. Residential properties include single-family homes, townhomes, and one to four-unit rental residences.
  • OREF 005 – Farms, Ranches, Acreage and Natural Resource Sale Agreement: Used for the purchase and sale of current or planned farms, ranches, acreage, or natural resource property.
  • OREF 006 – New Residential Construction Sale Agreement: Used for the purchase and sale of newly constructed homes (never lived in) and homes under construction.
  • OREF 008 – Vacant Land Sale Agreement: Used for the purchase and sale of land without a structure.
  • OREF 011 – Residential Condominium Sale Agreement: Used for the purchase and sale of pre-owned condominiums. Do not use this form for newly constructed condominiums; a state-approved form must be used for those.
  • OREF 012 – Manufactured Home Sale Agreement (without Land): Used for the purchase and sale of a manufactured home on property rented to a manufactured home owner. (Users may not participate in these transactions unless their office has a current Manufactured Structures Dealer License issued by the Department of Consumer and Business Services.)
  • OREF C-501 – Commercial Sale Agreement (part of OREF’s Commercial Library): Used for the purchase and sale of commercial properties. Commercial properties include multifamily (five units or more), office, retail, industrial, hotel, and special-purpose buildings.


All comments and responses from OREF or its staff, managers, and volunteers are non-legal opinions made for general purposes. Each Forms subscriber must rely solely upon their Principal broker or personal legal counsel for specific advice and instruction. You and your client should independently confirm that the Form(s) you use are legally suitable for the purposes intended and that they are current with respect to all laws and regulations.