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Residential Transaction Forms

Residential Transaction Forms

$89.00 / year



If you’ve just recently purchased and still do not have access to your forms, you may need to check that your account information is correct, or activating your Subscription may be required on your platform of choice.

Buying multiple times does NOT fix the issue.

Before purchasing and using the Residential Transaction Forms library, please review the Terms and Conditions.

If you are looking for forms related to the sale and purchase of Residential Property, this is the package includes the following:

  • Sale Agreements
  • Addendums
  • Advisories
  • Disclosure Forms
  • Notices
  • And much more!

To access your forms, you WILL need to utilize a licensed hosting platform. For more information and steps on how to activate your library, please visit our “Renewal” page.

Refund Policy

Other than for the exceptions stated below, OREF does not offer refunds, in whole or in part, for its annual forms subscriptions.

The exceptions to the above policy are:

  • If you inadvertently purchase a duplicate forms subscription and contact us for a refund within 90 days after your purchase of the duplicate subscription, OREF will provide you with a refund for your duplicate subscription.
  • If you inadvertently purchase a duplicate forms subscription and contact us for a refund 90 or more days, but less than 180 days, after your purchase of the duplicate subscription, OREF will provide you with a credit you can use for your next annual forms subscription.

All requests must be submitted in writing to or through our website at  Proof of payment for both forms of subscriptions must be attached to any refund request.

What forms are included?

Below you will find a list of forms included with the Residential Forms Package. These forms are subject to change at any time.

  • OREF-001 Residential Real Estate Sale Agreement (Updated)
  • OREF-002 Addendum to Real Estate Agreement
  • OREF-003 Seller’s Counter Offer
  • OREF-004 Buyer’s Counter Offer
  • OREF-005 Farms, Ranches, etc Real Estate Sale Agreement
  • OREF-006 New Construction Sale Agreement
  • OREF-007 Commercial Real Estate Sale Agreement
  • OREF-008 Vacant Land Real Estate Sale Agreement
  • OREF-009 Back Up Offer Addendum
  • OREF-010 Final Agency Acknowledgment Addendum
  • OREF-011 Residential Condominium Real Estate Sale Agreement
  • OREF-012 Manufactured Home in Park Sale Agreement
  • OREF-019 Vacant Land Disclosure Addendum
  • OREF-020 Seller’s Property Disclosure Statement
  • OREF-021 Lead Based Paint Disclosure Addendum
  • OREF-022A Buyer’s Repair Addendum
  • OREF-022B Seller’s Repair Addendum
  • OREF-023 Notice & Acceptance of Completion of Repairs
  • OREF-024 Homeowners Association / Townhome / Planned Community Addendum
  • OREF-025 Exterior Siding/Stucco/EIFS Disclosure
  • OREF-026 New Construction Professional Inspection Addendum
  • OREF-027BUY Short Sale Summary for Buyers
  • OREF-027SEL Short Sale Summary for Sellers
  • OREF-027A Notice Pursuant to Short Sale Addendum
  • OREF-027B Short Sale Addendum
  • OREF-027-Sum Short Sale Information Advisory
  • OREF-028 Seller’s Property Disclosure Statement Addendum
  • OREF-030 Vacant Land-Buyers Advisory
  • OREF-031 Condominium Resales-Buyer Advisory
  • OREF-032 Seller-Carried Transactions Seller and Buyer Advisory
  • OREF-033 Seller-Carried Transactions Addendum
  • OREF-034 Seller-Carried Deed of Trust
  • OREF-035 Seller-Carried Promissory Note Secured by Deed of Trust
  • OREF-036 Seller-Carried Contract of Sale
  • OREF-037 Seller-Carried Memorandum of Contract of Sale
  • OREF-038 Seller-Carried Seller Advisory MLO work sheet
  • OREF-040 Disclosed Limited Agency Agreement for Sellers
  • OREF-041 Disclosed Limited Agency Agreement for Buyers
  • OREF-042 Oregon Real Estate Agency Disclosure Pamphlet
  • OREF-043 Wire Fraud Advisory
  • OREF-045 Historic Property Advisory
  • OREF-045A Historic Property Addendum
  • OREF-046 Woodstove/Fireplace Insert Addendum
  • OREF-050 Buyers Representation Agreement
  • OREF-051 Seller’s Fee Agreement
  • OREF-053 Agreement to Occupy Before Closing
  • OREF-054 Agreement to Occupy After Closing
  • OREF-055 Buyer’s Waiver of Right to Revoke
  • OREF-056 Buyer’s Notice to Revocation and Demand for Refund
  • OREF-057 Termination Agreement
  • OREF-058 Professional Inspection Addendum
  • OREF-059 Receipt of Reports/Removal of Contingencies Addendum
  • OREF-061 REO buyer advisory
  • OREF-064 Notice of Buyer’s Unconditional Disapproval
  • OREF-065 Addendum to Listing/Employment/Service Contract (for Option Agreement)
  • OREF-066 Buyers Advisory RE: Transferring Earnest Money Out of State
  • OREF-070 Investment Property Addendum
  • OREF-071 Bill of Sale
  • OREF-072 Tenant Estoppel Certificate
  • OREF-073 Assignment and Assumption
  • OREF-080 Smoke and CO Advisory (Temporarily removed; being updated)
  • OREF-081 Septic/Onsite Sewage System Addendum
  • OREF-082 Private Well Addendum to Real Estate Sale Agreement
  • OREF-083 Buyer’s Contingent Right to Purchase
  • OREF-083A Contingent Right to Purchase – Notice to Seller
  • OREF-083B Contingent Right to Purchase – Notice to Buyer
  • OREF-085 Option Agreement
  • OREF-085-SUM Lease Option Summary
  • OREF-086 Notice to Parties of Demand for Disbursal of Disputed Trust Funds
  • OREF-090 Buyers Broker Compensation
  • OREF-091 Notice of Real Estate Compensation
  • OREF-092 FIRPTA Certification of Non-Foreign Status
  • OREF-096 COVID-19 Deferment Agreement