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Jan 2023 Form of the Month – OREF 000 Guide to Using OREF Residential Library Forms


Looking for a handy guide to all the OREF forms? This 21-page document provides a reference table and description for the transaction forms, advisories, notices, and other tools available to subscribers.

This guide describes the purpose of each form and provides tips for using them, though it should not be relied upon for legal advice – if a seller or buyer need advice regarding the legal effect of any specific form, they should be encouraged to consult with an attorney.

Do you have an idea or suggestion for a new form or edits to existing forms? We want to hear from you! Submit your ideas to our Forms Committee here.

Always check with your principal broker or legal counsel to ensure that you are following any policy requirements of your brokerage. All comments and responses from OREF or its staff, managers, and volunteers are non-legal opinions made for general purposes. Each Forms subscriber must rely solely upon their Principal broker or personal legal counsel for specific advice and instruction. You and your client should independently confirm that the Form(s) you use are legally suitable for the purposes intended and that they are current with respect to all laws and regulations.