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Form Training

Below is a list of educational videos about the forms included in the OREF Standard Library. To view a video about a form, click the form’s title.

Please note – we are continuing to expand this training to include all OREF forms. If there is a specific form that does not currently have a training video linked that you would like our team to work on, please reach out to our support team.

To utilize the forms, you must access them through one of our preferred platform providers with an active OREF subscription.


Videos are provided for educational purposes only.  All rights reserved.

Residential Library

OREF 000Guide to Using OREF Residential Library Forms

OREF 000AThings to Know Before You Sign

OREF 001Residential Real Estate Sale Agreement

OREF 002Addendum to Real Estate Sale Agreement

OREF 003Seller’s Counteroffer

OREF 004Buyer’s Counteroffer

OREF 005Farms, Ranches, Acreage, and Natural Resource Property Real Estate Sale Agreement

OREF 006New Residential Construction Real Estate Sale Agreement

OREF 008Vacant Land Real Estate Sale Agreement

OREF 009Back Up Offer Addendum

OREF 010 Final Agency Acknowledgment Addendum

OREF 011Residential Condominium Real Estate Sale Agreement

OREF 012Manufactured Home Sale Agreement (without land)

OREF 019Vacant Land Disclosure Addendum

OREF 020Seller’s Property Disclosure Statement

OREF 021Lead Based Paint Disclosure Addendum

OREF 022ABuyer’s Repair Addendum

OREF 022BSeller’s Repair Addendum

OREF 024Homeowners Association / Townhome / Planned Community Addendum

OREF 025Exterior Siding/Stucco/EIFS Disclosure

OREF 026New Construction Professional Inspection Addendum

OREF 027BUYShort Sale Summary for Buyers

OREF 027SEL Short Sale Summary for Sellers

OREF 027ANotice Pursuant to Short Sale Addendum

OREF 027B Short Sale Addendum

OREF 028Seller’s Property Disclosure Statement Addendum

OREF 030Advisory to Buyer Vacant Land

OREF 031Advisory to Buyer Condominium Townhome Resales

OREF 032Advisory Regarding Seller-Carried Transactions

OREF 033Seller-Carried Transactions Addendum

OREF 034 Seller-Carried Deed of Trust

OREF 035Seller-Carried Promissory Note Secured by Deed of Trust

OREF 036Seller-Carried Contract of Sale

OREF 037Seller-Carried Memorandum of Contract of Sale

OREF 038Seller-Carried Seller Advisory MLO work sheet

OREF 040Disclosed Limited Agency Agreement for Sellers

OREF 041Disclosed Limited Agency Agreement for Buyers

OREF 042Oregon Real Estate Agency Disclosure Pamphlet

OREF 043Advisory Regarding Electronic Funds

OREF 045Advisory to Buyer Historic Property

OREF 045A Historic Property Addendum

OREF 046Woodstove/Woodburning Fireplace Insert Addendum

OREF 047 – Advisory Regarding Real Estate Compensation

OREF 048 – Seller Contributions Addendum

OREF 050Buyer Representation Agreement – Exclusive

OREF 050A – Buyer Representation Agreement Addendum

OREF 051Seller’s Fee Agreement

OREF 052 – Buyer Representation Agreement – Nonexclusive

OREF 053Agreement to Occupy Before Closing

OREF 054Agreement to Occupy After Closing

OREF 055Buyer’s Waiver of Right to Revoke

OREF 056Buyer’s Notice to Seller of Revocation and Demand for Refund

OREF 057Termination Agreement

OREF 058Professional Inspection Addendum

OREF 059Receipt of Reports/Removal of Contingencies Addendum

OREF 061Advisory to Buyer Purchase of Bank-Owned Property

OREF 064Notice of Buyer’s Unconditional Disapproval

OREF 065Addendum to Listing Employment Service Contract for Option Agreement

OREF 066Buyers Instructions Regarding Transferring Funds Out of State

OREF 070Investment Property Addendum

OREF 071 Bill of Sale

OREF 072Tenant Estoppel Certificate

OREF 073Assignment and Assumption of Leases

OREF 080Advisory Regarding Smoke and CO Alarms

OREF 081Septic Onsite Sewage System Addendum

OREF 082Private Well Addendum to Real Estate Sale Agreement

OREF 083Buyer’s Contingent Right to Purchase Addendum

OREF 083AContingent Right to Purchase – Notice to Seller

OREF 083BContingent Right to Purchase – Notice to Buyer

OREF 085Option Agreement

OREF 085SUMAdvisory Regarding Lease Option

OREF 086Notice to Parties of Demand for Disbursal of Disputed Trust Funds

OREF 090Buyers Broker Compensation

OREF 091Notice of Real Estate Compensation

OREF 092Advisory Regarding FIRPTA Tax

OREF 096Extraordinary Event Addendum

OREF 097VA/FHA Amendatory Clause and Real Estate Certification

OREF 098Advisory to Buyer Waiving Contingencies

OREF 099Seller’s Contingent Obligation to Sell Addendum

OREF 100Unrepresented Party Acknowledgement

OREF 101Offer Summary

OREF 102Advisory to Buyer Recording Devices May Be Present

OREF 104Advisory to Buyers and Sellers Regarding Fair Housing

OREF 105Solar Panel System Addendum

OREF 106Advisory Regarding Tenant-Occupied Properties

OREF 107Referral Fee Agreement

OREF 108Advisory and Instructions Regarding Real Estate Purchase and  Sale Forms

OREF 109Notice From Buyer To Seller

OREF 110Notice From Seller To Buyer

OREF 111Advisory Regarding Timber Property

OREF 112Translation and Interpretation Services Affidavit

Commercial Library

C-500Guide to Using OREF Commercial Library Forms

C-501Commercial Real Estate Sale Agreement

C-502Addendum to Commercial Real Estate Sale Agreement

C-503Buyers Counteroffer

C-504Sellers Counteroffer

C-505Back-up Offer Addendum

C-510Sellers Property Disclosure Statement

C-511Sellers Property Disclosure Statement Addendum

C-512Bill of Sale

C-513Nondisclosure Agreement

C-514Letter of Intent to Purchase

C-515Sellers Response – Letter of Intent

C-516Buyers Response – Letter of Intent

C-517Copyright Transfer Agreement

C-518Investment Property Addendum

C-519Tenant Estoppel Certificate

C-520Assignment and Assumption of Leases

C-521Historic Property Addendum

C-522Advisory to Buyer: Historic Property

C-523Private Well Addendum

C-524Septic Onsite Sewage System Addendum

C-525Professional Inspection Addendum

C-526Buyers Repair Addendum

C-527Sellers Repair Addendum

C-528Notice of Completion of Repairs Corrective Action

C-529Final Agency Acknowledgement

C-530OREA Initial Agency Disclosure Pamphlet

C-531Disclosed Limited Agency Agreement for Buyer

C-532Disclosed Limited Agency Agreement for Seller

C-533Unrepresented Party Acknowledgment

C-534Buyers Representation Agreement

C-535Sellers Fee Agreement

C-536Buyers Waiver of Right to Revoke

C-537Buyers Notice to Seller of Revocation and Demand for Refund

C-538Receipt of Reports/Removal of Contingencies Addendum

C-539Buyer’s Notice of Termination

C-540Termination Agreement

C-541Notice to Parties of Demand for Disbursal of Disputed Trust Funds

C-542Option Agreement

C-542AMemorandum of Option Agreement

C-543Advisory Regarding Lease Option

C-544Advisory Regarding FIRPTA Tax

C-545Advisory Regarding Electronic Funds

C-546Lead-Based Paint Disclosure Addendum

C-547Notice of Real Estate Compensation

C-548Advisory to Buyer Waiving Contingencies

C-549Advisory to Buyer: Recording Devices May Be Present

C-550Solar Panel System Advisory and Addendum

C-551 – Notice of Default

C-552Woodstove Wood Burning Fireplace Insert Addendum

C-553 – Advisory Regarding Smoke and CO Alarms

C-554Advisory and Instructions Regarding Real Estate Purchase and Sale Forms

C-555 – Offer Summary

C-556 – Advisory Regarding Seller-Carried Transactions

C-557 Seller-Carried Transaction Addendum

C-558 Broker of Record Agreement

C-559 Exclusive Right to Sell Commercial Property

C-560 Exclusive Right to Lease

C-561 – Referral Fee Agreement

C-562Assignment and Assumption of Sale Agreement