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How To Renew

OREF creates the forms. Our partners host the forms.

Below you will find out how to gain access.

Step 1: Sign-in to your account

If you have ever purchased an OREF subscription since January 2019, you will have an account. If you’re new, please create an account.

Step 2: Purchase your forms

CRUCIAL: When checking out, PLEASE insert your Oregon real estate license number or your Oregon bar number.
This is how you’re authenticated on other platforms!

Step 3: Authenticate

  1. Sign-in to Lone Wolf Transactions
  2. Find the Shop button
  3. Scroll down and add Oregon Real Estate Forms to your cart for $0.
    NOTICE: You do NOT need to add anything else!
  4. Upon check-out, it will then ask you for your Oregon real estate license number or Oregon Bar number.

And you’re done!

  1. Login to SkySlope
  2. Press “Apps” in the upper-right corner, then select “Forms” in the drop-down menu
  3. Select “OR” in the State menu and press “Next”
  4. Press the +Add button to the right of Oregon Real Estate Forms
  5. Enter your real estate license #
  6. Verify

And that’s it!

OREF Forms Library access

In order to have access to the Oregon forms library, users must be:

  • An active Subscriber of OREF
    • Upgraded to Professional or Ultimate Edition.
    • Call to Actions will appear in place of the list of forms in the Blank Forms
  • Call to Actions will appear in place of the list of forms in the Blank Forms Library and the Blank Form Library modal used
    to add forms in the Transaction and Forms Package details pages to let users know that they need to upgrade first.


NAR members that sign-up for an account will need to be verified by the Form Simplicity Lead or THL Lead to ensure the correct NRDS ID and office information is entered for the member and will not be able to upgrade until their account is verified.

  1. Enter in the OREF member ID
  2. Provide payment information
  3. Click Buy Now
    • Upon checkout, two things happen:
      • Verify the user’s payment information
      • Form Simplicity will send the OREF ID to OREF’s membership validation webservice to verify that they are an active member or non-member.

If the user’s OREF ID is invalid, the user will be able to upgrade, however, they will not be able to access the forms until their ID is returned as valid.

OREF membership validation webservice

  1. OREF requires that we validate each of their members to verify that they are active.
  2. OREF members will only initially be validated when they first upgrade, and then each time they access their Form Simplicity account after upgrading.
    If the web service returns the user as invalid at any time after a user upgrades:

    • A notification pop-up will appear when they first log in notifying that their OREF ID was returned as invalid and access to the OREF forms has been restricted.

• Access to the OREF forms via the Blank Form Library page or Blank Form Library modal will be replaced with the same message as the lightbox modal at log-in.
• OREF forms already in form packages cannot be added to new or existing transactions.
• OREF forms already in a transaction cannot be copied into a new transaction.
• Overall access to the OREF forms will be restricted to their current transactions that may already contain OREF forms.

Preferences page

  • OREF members can manage their OREF member ID on the Preferences page, under the Account Information section.
  • The ID Number field will only be editable if the OREF webService returns the user’s ID number as invalid.
  • Once the member updates their OREF ID number and clicks the Save changes button, we will send the new ID to the validation service to confirm if it is valid.
    • If the FPID is valid, the ID Number field will become locked
    • Access to the OREF forms will be restored

OREF is planning to automate the Redfin authentication process to improve your subscription accuracy. At some point, OREF would like to make the process inline with our other current and future partners. For now, please request access below:

Still need help?