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How do I sign up for zipForm®s? What if I am a non Resident, Non Realtor® or Oregon Licensed Attorney?

For more information on signing up, view our Forms page.

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What are the differences in the packages of zipForm® Plus and Standard?

Plus Edition is an online version of zipForm® 6 which saves all settings and transactions online. If your computer crashes there is no need to worry. Simply log into your zipForm® Plus Edition account and everything will be waiting safely for you.

Standard Edition is an offline version of zipForm® 6 which saves all program files, settings, and transactions locally instead of online. Standard Edition has most of the same benefits as the Plus Edition without needing an Internet connection. However, there are some key features that still require an Internet connection such as Email, E-Signatures, Help files, Checking for Updates, and Renewing.


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How do I find my username or password if I cannot find it?

Find instructions for both here:

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What package do I have and when does my subscription expire?

If you are on your home page in your zipForm® program, click on your profile tab (it is up on the right hand top corner, where your profile picture and name are). Then click on “libraries” on your left hand side of screen. This will show you what you have in your package and what date your subscription is due to expire. 30 days prior to the expiration date you will get a message when you log on that your subscription will be expiring soon.

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How do I download my Standard Version to my computer?

Click on the following link for direction to download your Standard Edition to your computer: http://support.zipform.com/zf6/KBA-01464.asp

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Where can I find training resources for zipForm® Plus?

Please read the Training Guide for helpful information. There is also a quickstart guide available. The following zipForm® Plus Beta videos are available: zipForm® Plus Introduction and zipForm® Plus Basics.

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How do I use docusign in the new zipForm® Plus?

Please read this guide to setting up docusign in zipForm® plus.

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How do I use digital ink in zipForm® Plus?

Click on the link for step by step instructions: http://support.zipform.com/plus/KBA-01719.asp

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How do I use the MLS-Connect?

  1. Log into your zipForm® Plus account
  2. Start a new transaction or open an existing transaction
  3. Once you have a cover sheet or form on your screen; click on the MLS connect icon
  4. Type in your MLS information
  5. Type in the property type and Listing ID
  6. Click on “import”
  7. A confirmation window will appear confirming to import this information
  8. Once confirmed the information will be added to your transaction and all forms within that transaction
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How do I save a transaction to my computer?

  1. Log into your zipForm® Plus account
  2. Open up your transaction
  3. Click on “save as a PDF”
  4. Select the forms you would like to save as a pdf
  5. Click on “Save to my computer”
  6. Click on “Finish”
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How do I change my Company Information?

All of the information that prints on the bottom of the forms can be found in your zipForm® Plus Profile. You may also change your email address, username and reset your password in your profile. Follow the steps found here to learn how to access and modify your zipForm® Plus Profile.

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How do I find training materials for zipLogix?

The zipLogix Training Calendar

You Tube on demand training videos are always available that support the new product releases

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Are the forms accessible with reading software?

For accessibility needs and utility, individuals needing assistance with zipForms are instructed to call the zipLogix customer care center and ask for a Accessibility Care Coordinator. They may be reached at 586-840-0140 for further accommodation.

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May I acquire a license for multiple users?

Traditionally, each user needs to have an individual license to the Oregon Real Estate Forms library of content.

If you or your team would like to inquire about acquiring licenses on behalf of your whole team, this may be done by contacting zipLogix or Dotloop directly.

The benefit for the platform (which is a separate cost through the providers) is an overview of all of the transactions occurring in the office – this is designed for larger real estate companies wanting to track the transactions for each agent in the office.

Each user must still have a login and each login is charged as a “seat” which is the same as the individual user rate.

It is against our terms of service to share an individual account with multiple users.

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Are there limits to how many times you may use a form?

No. Once a user has purchased their yearly license, they may access and utilize the forms as many times as they would like during their subscription.

Reminder: The license is only active for the individual purchasing a license. Sharing a license with multiple users is against our terms and conditions.

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I use a platform that does not have a license to host OREF forms. Can I just upload my forms to my program?

You may upload your own internal documents, but you may not upload Oregon Real Estate Forms. Please contact us about new platform inquiries so we can ensure the best compatibility with our services.

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I use Dotloop and the library is not going to be updated, can I just upload the new forms to Dotloop?

Not at this time. We analyze every platform so we can ensure our agents are getting the highest quality products and forms. It is against our terms and conditions to upload and share our forms on non-designated platforms.

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Why are OREF forms not available on all programs and platforms?

Every platform and program needs to be analyzed to ensure that our agents are getting the best software, security and much more so their transactions are of the highest quality. If you’d like to suggest a new platform for us to be available on, please email us.

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I want my preferred program to host OREF forms, how do I do that?

Email us suggesting the platform and we’d gladly look into it!

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Can we just have one subscription for the office?

Unfortunately, no. Sharing is not caring in this case. Forms are intended to be independently controlled. By having each broker having their own license, we can ensure that their clients are having the best experience. When sharing occurs, we cannot guarantee people have the most recent forms, transactions are securely being performed, and more.

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2018 OREF® LLC Annual Report and Historical Overview

2018 OREF, LLC Annual Report & Historical Overview

Oregon Real Estate Forms, LLC, a 22 year-old Oregon Limited Liability Corporation owned by Portland Metropolitan (50%), Eugene Association (30%) and Oregon Association Realtors® (20%), provides 13,500 + Oregon Realtors and licensees, as well as Oregon licensed attorneys with the 70 + realty transactional and advisory forms.

Over the past 10 years, OREF has advanced significant subscriber benefits; these are above and beyond the value of the quality 70 + realty transactional and advisory forms.

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Planned Community, Townhome or Development by Phil Querin

Planned Community, Townhome and Condominium Ownership – Which Form Should I Use?

While most real estate brokers know a condominium when they see one, can the same be said of a “townhouse”? How do the two differ? Is there such a thing as a “townhome condominium”? Do townhomes have common and limited elements? What if the home is not a condo or townhome, but located in a “planned community”? How does that differ from a condominium or townhome?

OREF has two sets of forms to deal with these situations. One, the Residential Condominium Real Estate Sale Agreement is exclusively for the sale of pre-owned residential condominium units (Form 011)[1], and another, the Townhouse/Planned Community Addendum (Form 023). Below is a summary of the basic distinctions between these types of ownership, and which transactional form is appropriate for each one.

[1] If the condo has not been conveyed to a purchaser, i.e. it is brand new, the sale document is a “Unit Sales Agreement”, and its contents are governed by ORS Chapter 100.

See More….

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Buyer Professional Inspection Reports – Should Copies Be Turned Over To Sellers?

The OREF Residential Sale Agreement provides at Section 10 (Licensed Professional Inspections) that: “Buyer shall promptly provide a copy of all reports to Seller only if requested by Seller.” Read more….

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QUERIN LAW: Tips For Reading Oregon’s Seller Property Disclosure Form

Introduction. The seller’s property disclosure form is second only to the home inspection report in giving buyers important information about the condition of the home they intend to purchase. However, these are two entirely different documents. The home inspection report is prepared for the buyer by an independent unbiased professional source. 

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TRID Fatigue? Here’s What Buyers Need To Know (In Plain English)

As with much that the CFPB does these days, there is some that is good, some bad, and some, just plain ugly. And for a cynic like me, everything – even the good stuff – seems to be imparted with a slightly paternalistic and patronizing tone.

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Oregon Association of Realtors® Advisories (Seller and Buyer) and Legal Hotline

Beginning January 1, 2005, the OAR Legal Hotline became available to all members on an individual subscription basis. Any member of the Oregon Association of REALTORS® may join the Legal Hotline whether his/her principal broker is a Hotline member or not. If an individual broker joins the Hotline, the broker’s principal broker will be notified. Individual subscriptions to the Legal Hotline are valid for one year from the date of subscription.

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Lead-Based Paint Disclosure Obligations

Despite the fact that the federal lead-based paint law (“LBP”) has been in effect since 1996, each year there is always some confusion among brokers about the timing of delivery of giving the LBP information. This confusion is usually coupled with some cautionary tale about a broker or company that received a substantial fine for noncompliance.

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