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Frequently Asked Questions

OREF creates digital forms which can be viewed through document management software.  Users with an active OREF subscription may utilize any of our licensed document management partners to view and use their OREF library.  Currently, OREF licenses to five document management software companies Lone Wolf (formerly zipLogix), SkySlope, DocuSign, Form Simplicity, and Redfin.  We are actively adding additional partners so that our subscribers have more options to access their subscription.  For a list of document management software licensed to host the OREF library, see “Where Forms Are Hosted” on our website.  You will find important information for each provider, such as support, training, and log-in access.

To access your forms; sign in, or create an account with a licensed document management platform. For your convenience, we have included links to our licensed providers on our website.  For additional instructions on logging in to your document management provider, visit our Information Center.

  • I am having technical difficulties with my Lone Wolf product, or I cannot log-in
    • You may log-in to your zipForm account directly at We have also included a link to Lone Wolf in our Information Center for your convenience.
    • If you are still having trouble logging into zipForms or other Lone Wolf product issues, please contact Lone Wolf support at, which includes options for chat, email, or phone contact information.
  • My Lone Wolf product says I need to renew
  • I received an expired error on Lone Wolf, but my account is active
    • Verify that you do not have access to the OREF library in your Lone Wolf program or that the expiration date for the OREF library in the Shop page of your Lone Wolf program shows your OREF Library is expired.
    • Other products – if you can still access your OREF library, Lone Wolf may be asking you to renew other products. Please contact Lone Wolf support at:
    • Lone Wolf is currently updating their programming, and some accounts with an active OREF subscription may have an error. OREF is managing the issue with Lone Wolf leadership and development teams.  Please click here to open a support ticket with OREF.

If you have trouble logging into your account and believe that you have created an account with OREF since January 2019, please use the “Forgot Password” option to reset your password.  Note: the reset password function will send an email to the email on file for your account.

Please contact our support team for additional assistance if you do not have your log-in information or have not received the reset password email.