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If you have not tapped into the possible seven (7) FREE CE of on-line curriculum that OREF and OnlineEd have developed, log on to www.orefonline.com and also click on this brochure link OREF

OnlineEd—OREF On-Line Curriculum: Available Now Through December 31, 2018


Log on to review syllabus for the four one-hour on-line courses (exception of first bulleted course is two hours):

• 2018 Residential Sale Agreement / Matrix,
• Understanding Finance Contingencies to better guide your transaction,
• Removing Contingencies [SPD, professional inspections, financing, title insurance, lead-based paint and private well & on-site sewage], and
• Townhome/Planned Community/Homeowners Association Addendum, OREF Form # 024

As a reminder, if any Principal Broker would like to gain instructional status and teach these modules at your brokerage(s), you can contact Jeff Sorg at OnlineEd,
jeff@onlineed.com and/or (503) 670-9278.

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OREF Changes to the Contingent Right to Purchase
• OREF—OnlineEd on-line curriculum.
• One (1) CE.
• Log on to:
Available: Now through December 31, 2018

Syllabus Overview:
The Contingent Right to Purchase form is used when a buyer wants to buy a seller’s property, but the buyer has a property to sell before being able to close on their replacement property. Using this form, buyers can make an offer to purchase contingent upon the sale of the buyer’s property. The form sets out all the rules that both the buyer and seller agree to follow. This course covers the changes that were made for 2018 to the Contingent Right to Purchase OREF form. Our course presenters are Jeffry Wiren of Premier Property Group, LLC, and Steve Russell of Windermere Realty Trust, with an introduction by Jeff Sorg of OnlineEd. This is course if offered free of charge to all Oregon brokers as a public service made possible by arrangement between Oregon Real Estate Forms LLC and OnlineEd®, Inc.



2019 Forms Changes Seminars and Webinars

November 28 – December 6, 2018
The December 2019, forms changes seminars / webinar (2 CE, 2019 Forms) include• November 29, Salem Association Realtors®. Register with SAR!

January 2019

Click Here for the January list of Seminars and Webinars. 2019 Forms Changes Seminars and Webinars Events

2019 Oregon Forms Library Updates: November 2018 – January 2019

• November 15, OREF – OnlineEd On-Line Curriculum of the #001, Residential Real Estate Sale Agreement, and # 001 MX—Matrix, Clause by Clause- of the Residential RE Sale Agreement
(2 FREE CE). www.online.com. Register after November 15!
• November 21, the 2019 Forms Summary will be posted to the www.orefonline.com
• December 2018, Seminars / Webinars (2019 Forms Changes)
• December 2018, the 2019 Oregon Forms Library Goes Live on OREF—zipForm® Program