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Oregon Forms Library Subscription

High quality real estate transaction and advisory forms created by legal and industry professionals

To use OREF forms, each broker must subscribe to an annual forms license.

When you are properly licensed to use OREF forms, your name will appear as the licensee at the bottom of the OREF forms.

OREF has authorized zipLogix, dotloop, and Redfin to host OREF forms for use with their respective transaction management platform provided that each user of such platform is also personally licensed by OREF to use OREF forms.

For more information on OREF’s forms license or the third party transaction management platforms authorized to host OREF forms, please email us here.

Your annual OREF forms subscription provides you with the following additional benefits:

  • Portland-based customer service
  • Enhanced website resources: information, education and training
  • Realtor® association and MLS partnerships
  • MLS technology and trade fair presentations

For multi-user / brokerage account purchases, please visit Broker Services at ZipLogix®. 
For additional products such as Digital Ink (Electronic Signature Gathering)Mobile Editionetc., please view the products suite ZipLogix®.

You may also access your purchase record and OREF forms license number by logging in to your OREF user account.

Your annual library forms subscription is now processed by OREF

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