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November 2022 Form of the Month – OREF 000A Things to Know Before You Sign

This month’s selection is our Thanksgiving gift to you – one that should help make your clients even more thankful for your services. Oregon Real Estate Forms created a summary (Form OREF 000A) to educate your client about the critical considerations that go into a real estate sales agreement.

The summary outlines the consumer’s rights and obligations when agreeing to the legally binding contract that governs the property sale. Brief definitions and explanations are provided so that your client, whether buyer or seller, can be best equipped to move forward with the transaction.

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Disclaimer: On occasion OREF staff, Managers, or Forms Committee volunteers may provide Forms subscribers with general information and education regarding the proper selection and use of OREF Forms. Neither OREF nor its staff, Managers or volunteers are attorneys or are authorized to practice law, and no information or educational materials provided by them are intended to constitute legal, tax, accounting or other professional advice of any kind. All such information and materials are non-legal opinions offered for general educational purposes, and each Forms subscriber must rely solely upon his or her principal broker or personal legal counsel for specific advice and instruction. Brokers and their clients should independently confirm that the Form(s) being used are legally suitable for the purposes intended, and that they are current with respect to all laws and regulations.