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OREF is coming to SkySlope Forms

Coming November 2020

NOV. 4, 2020 | PORTLAND, Oregon – Oregon Real Estate Forms, LLC (OREF) is pleased to announce the launch of SkySlope as a document management system now licensed to host the Oregon Real Estate Forms library. OREF subscribers will now be able to access their OREF library directly in SkySlope. OREF is actively working with the latest in transaction management providers to ensure its subscribers have choices in how they access their digital OREF subscription.

When does this happen? During the next few weeks, SkySlope will be testing access to the OREF library with existing SkySlope customers. OREF expects a full launch to all SkySlope existing and new customers by the end of November 2020.

What does this mean? The OREF forms library is a digital library of transaction forms for Oregon real estate transactions. The digital library is purchased as an annual subscription at and accessed through a transaction management platform licensed to host our library. OREF has been working diligently with the latest technology platform companies to bring our subscribers more choices when accessing their OREF subscription. OREF currently hosts the OREF library on Lone Wolf Transactions (former zipForm Plus) and dotloop. Now OREF subscribers will be able to access their forms library directly through SkySlope!

What is happening to zipForm Plus (Lone Wolf Transactions) or dotloop? Nothing, you can still access your OREF subscription through these platforms if you choose, but now you have an additional option to access through SkySlope.

Do I have to purchase my forms again? No, if you already have an active OREF subscription, you do not need to purchase a new one to access the forms in SkySlope. Your OREF subscription is valid on any of the transaction management providers licensed to host the OREF library.

Is there a cost for SkySlope? The OREF subscription includes the license to access the library. Many of our subscribers access the subscription through zipForm Plus (Lone Wolf Transactions) because the platform is free as a benefit to NAR members. However, all transaction platforms licensed to host the OREF library are independent companies and offer different features, services, and costs. OREF licenses the library to be hosted with different transaction platforms, so our subscribers can choose which features, benefits, and costs make the most sense for their individual and business needs.

How do I get my forms on SkySlope? If you have an active OREF subscription, you will only need your Oregon Real Estate License number (which is also your OREF customer ID) to activate your subscription in SkySlope. If you do not have an active subscription or you are about to expire, you can see how to renew your subscription at

Once SkySlope launches the integration with the OREF library, you will have the option to enter your Oregon license number to activate.

How do I learn about SkySlope? SkySlope has training available for existing users and potential users seeking to evaluate their products. For existing SkySlope customers, they can always reach out to their Customer Success Manager or our 24/7 Support team with any questions or access the online resources below:

For Oregon Brokers who are not existing SkySlope customers and want to learn more, click here: