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Oregon Real Estate Forms announces new platform provider, Mosaik.

Oregon Real Estate Forms (OREF), a leading provider of real estate transaction forms, is thrilled to announce the launch of a new platform provider, Mosaik, a cutting-edge platform that streamlines and enhances the real estate transaction process.

The innovative technology platform created by Mosaik empowers real estate professionals with a comprehensive suite of tools and resources to facilitate seamless transactions and elevate the client experience.

Key highlights of the platform include:

  1. Proprietary & AI-powered “wishlist-based” property search increases buyer engagement and empowers you to deliver hyper-personalized search experiences.
  2. Integrated & Collaborative transaction management that increases productivity and efficiency while also providing your clients a seamless, interactive, and transparent experience.
  3. An integrated client retention suite that provides your client with personalized homeowner tools and experiences, while helping you generate repeat & referral business.
  4. Advanced analytics, behavioral pattern recognition, and real-time dashboards provide unparalleled depth and visibility into your business.

Melissa Peterson, Executive Officer for Oregon Real Estate Forms, expressed enthusiasm about the new provider “The launch of our forms on the Mosaik platform is a representation of our continued commitment to empowering real estate professionals with innovative solutions.”

To learn more about Mosaik, visit; to learn more about how to access OREF forms on the Mosaik platform, visit .

About Oregon Real Estate Forms: Oregon Real Estate Forms is a trusted provider of real estate transaction solutions, offering a comprehensive suite of forms, contracts, and resources to simplify and streamline the real estate transaction process for professionals and clients alike.