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Dear Forms Committee: Why don’t the OREF Sale Agreements state the exact requirements for smoke and carbon monoxide detectors?

The smoke/carbon monoxide detector section of the OREF Sale Agreements (Section 19 of OREF 001 Residential Sale Agreement) isn’t to instruct the parties about the required details for alarms and detectors. Rather, it serves to advise them that there are requirements.

If you review OREF 080 Advisory Regarding Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarms, you will see many sources for the applicable requirements, including state regulations and national associations. Some cities and counties impose additional requirements. All of these requirements change from time to time. For the latest requirements, visit the website maintained by the State Fire Marshall, which gathers and summarizes the state’s requirements. Always encourage your buyers and sellers to contact the local fire department where a property is located to confirm the requirements in that area.

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