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SkySlope Users: What does the “Update Now” banner mean when accessing a form?

Where will you see this notification?

  • When you open a form for editing from a pre-existing File, an information icon (a circle with an “i” in the middle) will appear next to the form name in the menu on the left and above the form with the notification, “You are viewing an outdated version of this form. Update Now.”

When will you see this notification?

  • When a major form update has been previously announced by OREF, such as mid-year or annual changes. These changes will always be accompanied by education on the form changes, and there will be a date associated with these types of releases.
  • When a minor form update occurs, such as correcting information that automatically fills to some fields or the type of field a line should have. These changes will happen quietly behind the scenes, and the only indication they have occurred will be the notification above.

What happens if you click “Update Now”?

  • The form will update to the correct version and retain most of the information you have already entered on the form. We recommend giving your form a quick review to check for any fields that may have updated and cleared the information there previously.

What happens if you don’t click “Update Now”?

  • The form will remain “as-is,” and you can still send for eSignature or keep it in your File. The most up-to-date version will be used the next time you add the form to a File from the Forms Library. As a reminder, it is best practice to always ensure you are using the most up-to-date version of our forms, so we recommend you always click “Update Now” when you see this message.