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December 2022 Form of the Month – OREF 101 Offer Summary

Have you ever wanted to provide some basic information from an offer but didn’t want to comb through all the details of the full offer documentation? We’ve got a gift for you — OREF 101 Offer Summary is a convenient one-page document that helps you summarize the essential information involved in the prospective transaction, including property information and top-line financials.

This form is not intended to be used as an official offer or contract, but does provide a helpful, summarized version of the essential offer information for broker and client convenience. So, next time you present an offer, use OREF 101 Offer Summary to top it off like a bow.

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Disclaimer: On occasion OREF staff, Managers, or Forms Committee volunteers may provide Forms subscribers with general information and education regarding the proper selection and use of OREF Forms. Neither OREF nor its staff, Managers or volunteers are attorneys or are authorized to practice law, and no information or educational materials provided by them are intended to constitute legal, tax, accounting or other professional advice of any kind. All such information and materials are non-legal opinions offered for general educational purposes, and each Forms subscriber must rely solely upon his or her principal broker or personal legal counsel for specific advice and instruction. Brokers and their clients should independently confirm that the Form(s) being used are legally suitable for the purposes intended, and that they are current with respect to all laws and regulations.